Welcome to Uber Slim - READ THIS FIRST

Welcome to Uber Slim, I'm so pleased to have you here!

This is a 12 week course and the material will become available to you in weekly installments. This makes it manageable for you to keep up with, and stops you getting overwhelmed.

I will send you an email each week to let you know when the next week's material is available for you.

The highlight of each week is the video, and this covers a different area each week - each building on the week before. There is a comments section below each video where you are welcome to offer comments and ask questions. Don't sit on your questions - ask away.

This course is like a private members site, only people who invest in Uber Slim will see comments and discussion. The more we all take part in this the more we all learn.

I've provided a PDF to go with each video. Some people like to print these off to highlight areas of interest as they go along. Each week you'll have suggested 'homework' to help keep you focused and moving forward with your weight loss.

Some weeks there will be extra goodies too!

Week 2 is the biggie - this is when you will start the all-important mind-set change that will carry you through to successfully losing your weight and keeping it off. Imagine if you could program your mind so that you could do the things you already know will help you lose weight. Well you can do that!

Week 2 is definitely a week to keep coming back to.

I seriously recommend getting yourself a notebook to jot things down as you go along. I've been providing this course for a few years and the people who do well are the people with the notebooks who engage with the material and work with it.

The most important thing is to have fun, take your time, and enjoy the process.

To your success!

Dr Julie Coffey

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