About The Course

Everyone has a threshold beyond which sleep becomes difficult. It's rare for one isolated thing to be causing the whole problem.

Often one thing in particular gets the blame for not sleeping - things like a racing mind and not being able to switch off, menopausal sweats, pain, having to get up to go to the loo, and so on.

These issues are usually the straw that broke the camel's back.

One of these things is often laid on top of the many pre-existing bad habits around a person's sleep. But it gets the blame because the rest of it is hidden or ignored.

However - if all other things surrounding good sleep were done right the thing you identify as your problem stopping sleep will be much easier to overcome.

Coming up are 10 core areas were we inadvertently mess up our sleep. Most of these are relevant to everyone.

When you've tidied up your sleep by getting the basics right the 'problem' causing your insomnia may not be causing you such big a problem at night anymore.

If it is though - a lot of your work has been done and focus on this particular area will be the last piece of the puzzle and much easier to deal with.

After the 10 core tips I will address some of the main reasons people cite for not sleeping well.

Warm wishes

Dr Julie Coffey

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